Why Go With Sundial Design?

You’ll know from our first meeting that we care about your business, and we LISTEN to your input. If you have a certain vision or look for your site that you’ve been thinking about, we want to do our best to incorporate your perspective. Your ideas are important to us, and the success of your business is paramount to the way we work at ‘branding’ you and building your website. We won’t be treating you like the next dollar bill. Our reputation matters. Our integrity matters.

Sundial Design is about building high quality, Responsive mobile websites for a very fair price. We started building websites over 20 years ago, but didn’t officially become ‘Sundial Design’ until 2009.

We have the same goal as you do, to promote your business or service at the highest level possible, and to get the best achievable results.

The name Sundial Design seemed like a perfect fit considering the Sundial Bridge is not only unique and modern, (like our websites!) but is also one of the highest ‘googled’ landmarks in Northern California. Who wouldn’t want a name like that!

One of the things you’ll notice about all of our clients is that they know we support them and have their best interests in mind. We are regularly connecting with them to give them tips, pointers and ideas to further promote their businesses. One of these days, we’ll put a ‘Testimonies’ page on our website so you can hear for yourself all the ‘Thank you’s’ from the happy clients we’ve been privileged to work with.

Elevate your Business to the next level
with Sundial Design!