Adventures of Hunting with a Retriever!

Lassen Retriever Club is fueled by club member’s love of their dogs and the desire to see them become well-trained in obedience and hunting skills. The Retriever breeds and Standard Poodle are well-known for their superior abilities as ‘Gun Dogs’ and are a natural at tracking and retrieving a downed bird. Their soft mouth prevents the bird from getting damaged as they retrieve it for their master.

Becoming a member of Lassen Retriever Club gives your dog the opportunity to enjoy the kinds of activities they are bred to do, while sharpening his/her obedience and retrieving skills. The Club puts on events throughout the year where your dog can learn and be tested in natural, simulated, waterfowl hunting situations. No matter if you hunt or not, you’ll be glad to get your retriever basic obedience training.

In reading about the retriever breeds, it’s immediately apparent that they are one of THE best choices for a family pet or companion. They love to please the owner and have a great willingness to learn new tasks and be obedient. Retrievers are also excellent service dogs.

Lassen Retriever Club wanted a website that is user-friendly, would be easy to update with events, and one that could showcase the accomplishments of the dogs that are in the club. We used a Squarespace website as the main platform with a Blog page for their Brags and Wags posts, a calendar for events and PDF’s for downloading membership forms and meeting minutes.