Dry Creek Station Restaurant has certainly made a name for itself! From their humble beginnings to the fire that completely destroyed the restaurant, to their re-built steak house on Highway 299, Dry Creek Station Restaurant has continually provided the local community with yummy breakfasts and delicious dinners! Their traditional American Menu includes mouth-watering ribs, tender steaks, delightful seafood, pasta and more! Jeff and Juliene Miller have kept their restaurant motto the same all these years “Where Quality and Value Meet”.

The steakhouse is just a hop and skip outside of Redding, going East on 299. Just past the intersection of Deschutes Road, you’ll see the restaurant right across from the Bella Vista Fire Station. Once patrons have made the drive to eat at Dry Creek Station Restaurant and had their scrumptious fare, they add Dry Creek to their favorite restaurant list!

Jeff and Juliene had an older website, but it didn’t convey what they were wanting the public to see; the home town family style restaurant and bar and appetizing quality of food they serve. We were happy to fix that! Their new website features their famous food and has a rustic look with the wood background. Inside pictures show how the restaurant is laid out family style and the menu is easily enlarged on their site. A ‘Specials’ Blog page will keep the public updated with their newest scrumptious food additions.