Just about everyone in Redding who drove a Honda would take their car to Ed’s Honda Specialties for maintenance and repairs.  Ed’s Honda had been serving the Redding area since 1985 and both Ed and Kathy ran the business, specializing in Hondas and Acura auto repairs. They then expanded their business to include all Asian import vehicles.  Their son Curtis worked for the family business for over 24 years, and eventually took over and incorporated, changing the name to Eds Specialties Auto Repair Inc. with his wife Amanda at his side, carrying on the successful family business.

Ed’s Specialties has just as fantastic of a reputation as Ed & Kathy did with Ed’s Honda Specialties.  They have a large clientele based on the fact that they do superior auto repair using quality OEM parts whenever they can.  We can see how their customer base will keep expanding with their reputation for quality auto repair work and servicing, in addition to their integrity working with their customers.

A new website was important for them to help ‘brand themselves’ with their name change and logo change.  Curtis and Amanda wanted a website that was simple and right to the point.  We used their black and red color scheme throughout, and incorporated the logos of many of the Asian Import brands that they work on.  We asked them for some of their customer testimonies for a ‘Reviews’ page, to help further promote their local auto repair business.