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True Ride Studio

If you are someone who hates to exercise, feels uncomfortable at a gym, doesn’t know what to do, then you should try out True Ride Studio! All it takes is one look at their Facebook page, Reviews and their website to see that it’s really THAT COOL! Everyone is smiling, laughing and having the best time, all while working out!

True Ride studio is focused on each person, whether their needs are to reach a certain goal, gain muscle, lose weight, get healthier, change their shape or just get stronger. Dan and Laurie are dedicated to making sure TrueRide Studio is the best and favorite workout place in Redding! True Ride even has ‘Ambassadors’ who will basically hold your hand to help you get started. They help remove any intimidation factor you may have.

If you’ve been thinking of trying out True Ride, do it! Get in touch through their website, Facebook or other social media.

TrueRide Studio is built on WordPress and incorporates a scheduling software for reserving bikes, purchasing time slots, picking out your favorite bike : ) and more! With Dan being a hands-on guy, he can easily add blogs, specials, pages and pictures throughout.