Finding a Great Real Estate Agent!

If you’re looking for a great Realtor, you may think it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. And no wonder, there are 100’s if not thousands to choose from. You want to be listened to, and yet, get the expertise of a professional Real Estate agent. It’s important to find just the right person to help you sell your house or property and just as important to find the right Realtor to help you buy.

I can genuinely say Realtor Bettie has your best interests in mind. She’s a local resident who knows the area inside and out, which is to your advantage. She can recommend the best areas to match what you are looking for, and can find the best deals for your budget. Having a good Real Estate Agent is like having a good Barber or Hairdresser, only much more important. Bettie loves helping YOU get listed and finding the perfect person to buy your property. She puts in the extra hours and goes the extra mile for you.

Bettie realized anyone can go on MLS listings and look at all the properties for sale, but she wanted to ‘Brand’ herself with a dedicated website. Her site had been up less than a month and her listings were selling like hotcakes. She loves the new logo we had created and the openness and ease of getting around her website. We recommend you contact Bettie if you have a listing or would like to work with her on finding the perfect property. It may be the best call you’ll make!