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Integrated Fire Systems

Integrated Fire Systems, Inc. (IFS) is located in Roseville, CA but has a large service area. They specialize in installation, inspection, monitoring and servicing fire systems, including fire alarms, security, elevator and video surveillance systems. Their central station is equipped with a 24/7 team of professionals, ready to dispatch for you and your property’s emergencies.

If your fire alarm system requires UL Fire Alarm Certification, IFS will be able to meet and exceed those requirements. From monitoring, to servicing, and to testing and inspecting your fire alarm system, we will keep your property up to date with the latest UL specifications.

Anyone who has a brick and mortar business should have the highest level of protection possible, and also use a reputable company like Integrated Fire.

We were contacted by IFS to build a new website for them. They wanted to incorporate the bright red logo colors throughout and similar font style. We used WordPress to build the website and Yoast plugin to help with the SEO. We gave them training to be able to make website changes.