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Cousin Gary’s Homes

This is a good question and for many years I had pre-conceived ideas about these kinds of homes.  I assumed they were built with something like cardboard and that all the materials were of low quality.  Now I have a whole new viewpoint on manufactured and modular homes; particularly from Cousin Gary’s Homes that is!

The first time I stepped into one of Cousin Gary’s model homes, was when I went to his office on South Market, Highway 273.  I walked inside and it literally took my breath away! WOW!  What a beautiful home, with the perfect layout!  The staging was gorgeous and gave me an idea of just how large the rooms were.  I’m pretty sure the house I checked out even had granite kitchen counter tops!

While building the website for Cousin Gary’s, we read so much about how manufactured homes fall under strict building codes and regulations by the Federal Government, which gives the customer assurance they are getting a quality made home.  They also are built energy efficient, have numerous layout options and appliance packages.  They also will save you thousands of dollars!

Since looking into all the benefits of owning a modular or manufactured home, I’ve been recommending new home buyers, retirees, investors and those looking for an extra ‘granny unit’ to consider Cousin Gary’s Homes.

You may have an older style of website like Cousin Gary’s had; one that is not exciting or user-friendly.  Getting a new website built can bring fresh life into your business and attract a whole new set of customers.  Cousin Gary’s new website is modern, easy to navigate and phone-friendly which is very important for coming up in a higher position on Google Search results.