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Ziptax is called ‘The Best Tax Preparation Around!’. Located in both Redding and Anderson, Ziptax Personal Tax Services are convenient & affordable and include audit assistance and access to year-round tax planning. On staff with Ziptax are Master Tax Professionals, Enrolled Agents and professional tax preparers, all with years of training and specializing in all areas of personal tax preparation.

I’ve seen their tax commercials and they’re great! It’s refreshing to watch them and laugh and know you’re not alone in being frustrated with the whole ‘tax thing!’ and see they have got answers! Heather and her team have a great reputation in the community and have saved people thousands and thousands of dollars!

Heather was interested in a website that was eye-appealing, and where people could get straight to the pages of interest. We chose Squarespace for the simplicity and yet modern look. We used interesting header photos and captions to make the site interesting.