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Galaxy Gymnastics

Finding something for your child to do besides texting or playing video games, can be challenging.  You know how important physical activity is, but you might be wondering if they’re getting enough.  Some parents’ kids seem like they just don’t have confidence or perhaps they could use help in becoming more coordinated.  These concerns are just a few reasons why parents are looking to gymnastics.

The mission statement of Galaxy Gymnastics relates to what parents are looking for:

“Movement is the foundation of a full life. The sooner you get moving, the farther you will go. At Galaxy Gymnastics Academy, we use the movement achieved through gymnastics to build strength, confidence, character and friendships.”

They endorse using the benefits of gymnastics to develop strength, coordination, focus, discipline, and self-confidence in children from walking age to young adult.

Galaxy Gymnastics has been a benefit to the local community for almost 20 years.  They have classes for almost all ages and have competition teams that consistently become champions!

Galaxy needed a website to show the programs they offered, schedules and the kinds of teams they trained.  Squarespace was the best choice for an informational site like theirs, with the added Waiver PDF for new clients to download.  We incorporated the color scheme that Stephanie chose and made the site big and bold.