So many people are having trouble sleeping and they don’t even realize they may have sleep apnea!  Not only that, they have no idea of the health problems that are directly associated with sleep apnea!  It can contribute to problems like diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure and many other health issues.  Nor Cal Respiratory has a dedicated team of experts in sleep apnea testing and management, who have been extremely successful in helping patients get the treatment they need so they can enjoy life again.

Nor Cal Respiratory is considered to be the leader in Northern California for Home Sleep Testing.   What amazed us is how many people are under the assumption that they have to go to one of those ‘sleep labs’ to be tested.  But that’s not the case!  You can be sleep tested in the comfort of your own home and not have to pay the high cost of in-lab testing.  NorCal Respiratory has the expertise and the latest, most innovative sleep & oxygen products available.

We built NorCal Respiratory’s website to be an informative web site that is easy to read, and easy to get around.  The color of the website compliments NorCal Respiratory’s logo, and is soothing to look at.  Their Blog page is for ‘News’.  We also incorporated two Google Maps for both of their locations.