You’re driving up I-5 heading toward Seattle and almost to Redding.  The air conditioning seems like it’s cutting out.  Or you notice the engine light shows it’s starting to get over heated.  You know that you need some service but you want to pick the right place, especially a Navistar parts dealer which has a one year warranty and a dedicated International Service shop.

Good news!  Redding, CA has an Authorized Navistar International Truck Parts and Service Center right downtown. Redding Fleet Truck Supply has been helping truck drivers get ‘back on the road’ for over 30 years.  Their team of trained mechanics (technicians) has had years of experience along with the certification from International, so you can feel confident knowing your truck is in good hands.

Redding Fleet Truck Supply’s older HTML website was fine for the time it was built, but that was at least 10 years ago.  They wanted to have a newer website that truckers could easily view on their phones and that showed the kind of professionalism their shop services provide.  Their new site is built on Squarespace and works great on mobile phones.  A Google map helps truckers to easily find their shop and parts department.