Looking for SAM and his famous Fusion Rolls?

The well-known (and sought after) Chef at Redding Kampai Sushi is known by all the locals as ‘Sam’. He developed a following with his Fusion Roll creations while working for several years at Tokyo Gardens.

Sam has taken creativity to the next level in coming up with his delicious masterpieces! You can see some pictures of these culinary delights on the ‘Edible Art’ page of his website.

Chef Sam and his wife Muey (pronounced ‘May’) have seen their business grow tremendously over the years just by word of mouth and repeat customers. Once you’ve had one of Sam’s specialties or even a ‘Bento Box’, you know you’ve been hooked!

Kampai Sushi is located on a little side street next to the ShopKo and Raley’s shopping center on Lake Blvd. If you have gone there before and found it hard to get a table, you’ll appreciate the new expanded dining area. There is plenty of room for large parties now! It’s a great place to meet friends, have a delicious lunch or dinner.

Sam’s great food is the highlight of his website. We incorporated a PDF menu to download and also his beautiful food pictures. The full screen bamboo background picture added just the right touch to his website.