We’ve all heard the saying ‘If you build it, they will come’ and we think that saying works for websites as well.  But that isn’t the case.

Look at your website like this; you’ve had a great contractor (web designer – like Sundial Design!) build you a beautiful, exciting hotel (your website!), but it’s situated in a remote village off the beaten path.  You know it’s worth going to; you’ve got all the amenities, the best in service, food, and breathtaking views!  Now all you need is for people to come stay at your hotel.  But they don’t know how to FIND YOU!

That’s the dilemma for many businesses.  They have got a great, mobile-friendly website that is clean, eye-catching and would attract any new viewer, but their website isn’t ranking on a Google Search; and if it is, it’s 3 or 5 or maybe even 7 pages back!   So they sadly, aren’t being found.

They know that if their site was on the first page or even 2nd page of Google searches that their phone would be ringing more and their chances of getting new customers would increase significantly!

We are firm believers in promoting your website in every way possible; ideally with the most effective being your first choice.

That’s where digital marketing comes in.  Digital marketing is doing what is necessary to more your site up higher and higher on Google searches until it is on page 1 and stays there!  We’ve seen the results of search engine marketing and are believers in the value it brings; especially when working with the right company who genuinely has your best interests in mind and who ‘know their stuff’!

Your investment in marketing strategies is the most effective choice of using your advertising dollars.  Call us right away, so you don’t lose any more valuable time waiting to be found! We’ll go over what plan can be the most beneficial for your business.  Don’t sit back in 3rd place anymore while your competition is blowing you out of the water!  We have solutions that are already working! (530) 710-8068