Appliances Direct is known as Redding’s Favorite Appliance Store! They have been called that for years and no wonder, because customer’s love how they’re treated, and they are thrilled with the high quality and low-priced appliances! We liked how Bob and Tom listened to each customer’s needs and found the best refrigerator, stove or other appliance to match that need and fit in their budget. The store has a fast turnover of appliances because so many locals shop there. If you are looking for a new fridge, new stove, washer or dryer, stop in at Appliances Direct on South Market. You’ll appreciate their friendly customer service and be glad to find the perfect appliance for your lifestyle.

We built their website on Squarespace and put a gallery on most of the pages to show the modern styles of washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators that Appliances Direct carries.

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