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Happy Tails is focused on giving your pet the best form of preventative health care through healthy food! Nutrition is extremely important for pets, just as it is for people. If your pet has common problems like dry or itchy skin, dull and lusterless hair coats, digestive issues or even some behavioral problems, it’s very likely related to their diet. Happy Tails carries superior pet product lines and the most desirable options in healthy pet food, supplements, toys and more! The ‘Happy Tails Family’ store is on Hartnell Ave. in the Cobblestone Court, just 1 block south of the Cypress intersection.

Eric and his wife Sara love animals and saw the need to provide the best choices in pet food for the people in Redding and beyond. They wanted a website that was very simple and to the point, and one that would allow them to easily add events, blogs and link to their online pet store. We built their site in Squarespace using large pictures throughout and coloring of their trademark logo.

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