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You may have already found a good massage therapist, but finding one like Amber, who is trained in Medical Massage, is worth going to! Amber primarily works on women and her specialty is helping those who deal with chronic pain, arthritis, injuries, fibromyalgia, migraines or injuries. She has also had wonderful results in massage for multiple sclerosis patients and those with autoimmune disorders.

In addition to her massage training and nutrition background, Amber provides services in Health Coaching, Meal Planning, Yoga Balance Massage, Graston, NRT, CBD Balm and Health and Wellness Coaching. If you’ve been wondering if there is one person who does it all, then take our word for it and connect with Amber at Health n Balance in Redding!

When we built the website for Amber, she asked us to incorporate her bright logo colors throughout and to give the site a peaceful, calming look. We did that by using Squarepace and made it wide with large print to open up the pages. We showed Amber how she could blog to further connect with her clients and those in need of her services.

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