IOU Optics (Industrial Optics Unlimited) uses extreme care and precision to create optical products for various industries. These optical components come in every kind of shape and size, to the exact millimeter and dimension that a company needs. Some of their diverse product line consists of optical lenses, diffusers, filters, prisms, mirrors, windows and custom made prototypes. IOU Optics doesn’t cater to just one type of industry, their products are used by manufacturing companies, universities, the military, the medical field, for astronomy, in research and development and many more applications.

The type of website we built for IOU Optics was an informative style site, covering the basic uses for their products and the type of industries that buy their optical products. IOU asked us to include a page for over-run parts that they could easily manage and update as well as product pages with parts description and pricing on some of their optics.

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