The Copy

Not all clients have the time to write the copy (or verbiage) for their websites or perhaps they feel frustrated by not knowing what would be best to say. Fortunately we have some options for you!

One is that we will have one of our writers contact you and ask some questions to get a feel for your business and find out what you’d like to convey on the website. Then they’ll put together all the wording you will need. It’s as simple as a phone call to get some of the basic information from you.

Another option is to tell us to just ‘go for it! Put together my website, writing and all’. Many people just don’t have the time to go through a mini-interview or would like a fresh perspective to be written.

Some of our clients enjoy writing and are able to quickly give us the wording we need for their website. We are happy to use what they submit to us if that is their preference.


Another service we provide is Blogging. You may not realize just how important ‘Blogging’ is for helping your website come up on searches. You may not even know what ‘Blogging’ is. That’s OK. In short, Blogging is small to lengthy articles of interest that relate directly to your business. These blogs incorporate key phrases and key words to help with search results. Your website can have a dedicated ‘Blog Page’ where these articles (or ‘Posts’) show up.

One of things Sundial Design does give you, is the back-end log-in to your website and we also show you how to Blog if you would like to tackle it. Not everyone wants to Blog or has the time, but others have a natural ability to write and talk about subjects that readers would find interesting.

We have Bloggers on our team who can provide just the right content to help improve your website’s search results and rankings. This service is an important option for those businesses who want to increase their page rank on Google searches.

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