Everyone Needs Hosting

Once your website is built, it needs to get ‘put up on the internet’. That is called Hosting. There are hundreds of Hosting Companies that you can go with, or you can choose the hosting we provide through NorthStateHosting.com, which also has a great support system.

Having a website that has a fast page-load speed gives you an added advantage in on-line searches. Google gives favor to those kinds of sites!

The Hosting we offer is at a very competitive rate. You are able to sign up for hosting directly on our website and there are several packages to choose from. If we have built a WordPress site for your business, we recommend the ‘Managed WordPress’ style hosting. This is advantageous as its core features are made just for those who have a WordPress websites, with additional security and daily back-ups. If you have an older HTML site, you can opt for the regular hosting package.

We are glad to walk you through the sign-up if you’d like and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

Once you get signed up for hosting, we will be able to get your website uploaded to the internet. You’ll want to allow for 48 hours for the site to propagate, and show up across the internet, although it can often show up in a matter of just a few hours.

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