Website Photography

Your website is a visual representation of your business. Often called ‘The Face of your business’, you can see why it’s important to have the BEST eye-catching pictures you can get on your website.

Our photographer can make your business look spectacular and inviting. You’ve heard it said ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’… how true that is! People are drawn to pictures and can make a judgment call about your business based on the pictures alone. We can incorporate a variety of pictures to give you an edge on the internet.

Some of our clients have taken some outstanding photos themselves and we are happy to use their pictures throughout the website. Stock photos are also an option and we have several sources we can use to get just the right look.

Logo Design & Graphics

When browsing on the internet, you may notice that the majority of websites usually have a logo. It’s not a requirement, but can be extremely beneficial in ‘branding’ yourself or your business. The logo gets carried on with their business cards, document headers, envelopes, in signage and in all aspects of their advertising.

Many businesses just use a certain font for their business name on their website rather than using a logo. It’s just a matter of preference. We have built sites for both kinds of clients.

Our graphics team is ready to work with you on developing the perfect logo or graphics design to help make your site look professional, modern and clean. We will incorporate your own ideas into coming up with the best possible look to help brand your company or business.

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