Website Video & Commercials

It’s not just the Real Estate market that has seen the advantages of having videos of their listings on their perspective websites, but more and more business websites are also incorporating videos and commercials into their websites.

People like watching videos and also find it an easy way to check out what a business is offering.

An example is Spectrum O&P. They’ve incorporated videos about their individual offices on each of their Home pages (there are at 10 locations throughout Oregon and California). It’s like having a little commercial advertisement for each business. works with amputees and those needing prosthetics, and realized they could make their website more personal by having video testimonies from their actual patients. Video testimonies can be a powerful tool for any business to attract new customers or clients.

At Sundial Design, we’ve connected to top-of-the line videographers who have created hundreds of interesting and exciting videos, each unique to individual businesses and goals of the clients.

Part of marketing your website may be to include a short commercial-style video or product/service testimony. We’ll be glad to give you every option and idea to help make your website even more dynamic!

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