There are a variety of mattress stores, suppliers and outlets in Redding, but how many of them actually carry on the showroom floor, an eco-friendly mattress or a Certified Organic Mattress? I was super excited to find out that Cresons Mattress carried both! People are more health conscious about what they wear, what they eat, and getting in shape. But how many people think about how they are spending those 6, 7, or 8 hours of sleep, and what kind of harmful chemicals are they getting exposed to right from their mattress!

After talking with Steve at Cresons Mattress and reading his material on the harmful chemicals found in most mattresses, it became obvious that the best choice for a mattress was one made with only natural materials, and either eco-friendly or certified organic. Cresons carries a large inventory of mattresses, including Certified Organic Latex by OMI, Spink & Edgar Luxury Farm to Bedroom, Chattam & Wells Luxury, Posh & Lavish Latex and SpringAir MAXX.

For Cresons Mattress, we wanted his website to easily convey the ‘natural’ and healthy aspects of the mattresses he sells. The delightful sheep picture on the home page is an example of how one manufacturer designs its beds with only natural materials, such as wool, alpaca fleece, hemp, and cotton.