Clean Modern Squarespace

If you watched the 2015 Super Bowl, you probably saw the commercial with Jeff Bridges promoting his business using a Squarespace website. They are the up and coming website platform used by thousands of people including well-known brands such as Target, HBO, Shutterstock, Wired and more!

You don’t have the customizable features that you do in WordPress, or the over 3,000 themes to choose from (over 5,000 on ThemeForest!) but what you do have are templates that are simple, clean and eye-appealing. Because Squarespace is all inclusive, you also don’t have to manage plug-ins, widgets, WordPress core updates or deal with keeping all of that running smoothly. In addition, you pay Hosting fees directly to Squarespace at a very low competitive price.

One of the highlights of having a Squarespace website is that they are all pre-set to be ‘Responsive’. This is vital in today’s business world. You have to have your website work properly on a mobile phone or you can be left out in the cold.

Because Squarespace is hosted on its own servers, you have the benefit of having a fast speed page load which Google seems to favor also.

Many people are hands-on types and want to be able to make changes once their site is built. With Squarespace, they are happy to see how easy it is for them to add Blogs, change the wording, switch pictures and other minor changes.

An added benefit is having a ‘call’ button right on the home page of your site. It can be tapped and you can be called directly from a mobile phone. This can also be done directly through the Contact Page on your WordPress website.


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