Talk about some COOL BLUE eggs!

Edd Sheppard has been raising his Awesome Araucana chickens for over 40 years!  With a background as an R.N. Surgery Assistant, you’ll pick up on his scientific thinking in the fascinating write-up on his website about the Araucana chicken strains and how they came from South America.

We’ve tasted these wonderful blue eggs and they are far superior to the usual ‘grass fed organic brown eggs’ we buy.  His goal is to not only sell the eggs, but also the chicks and perhaps some grown chickens too.  To purchase eggs or chickens, contact Edd through his website.

By incorporating a blog on his website, Eddie can share all the tips of raising Araucana chickens, fixing old cars and even rock garden building.  Eddie’s goal is to gain new customers who appreciate the rare and delightful Araucana chicken breed.  We loved his pictures and especially incorporating the logo his son drew when he was just a child.