The Shower Door Cleaner You’ve Been Looking For!

Have you ever been to a local fair or Home and Garden Show and see the person demonstrating ‘Touch of Oranges’ and saw they also carry another type of cleaner called ‘Bring It On’?  Just as exciting and demonstrative that the ‘Touch of Oranges’ products is, so also is their Bring it On Cleaner!  Its applications are endless!  Probably the main thing Bring It On Cleaner is commonly sold for is cleaning the water spots and soap scum off shower doors and fiberglass.  Just like their YouTube videos show, it really does work!

Once you visit their website and take a look at all the things you can (finally!) get cleaned, you’ll want to get some right away just like I did.  Then, to keep that glass (or stainless steel, or sink, or pool tile, or chrome or brass..!!) looking like brand new, just use the Pro-Tect Shield after you using the Bring it On Cleaner.  What a marvelous product that so many people have been hoping to find for so long!

Vicki Lewis, the beauty and brains behind Touch of Oranges and Bring It On Cleaner is just as dynamic has her products.  Her Bring It On website was a Yahoo shopping cart site and she wanted to have a new site that was responsive.  Especially now that Google has announced that non-mobile-friendly sites will be getting ‘pushed down’ in search results.  We built her new site with Woo Commerce and incorporated a shopping cart for customers and for Dealers or wholesalers with a PayPal checkout.  We also added an ‘Espanole’ page for her Spanish speaking customers.  Vicki’s YouTube videos were used on the Home page and on the Spanish page, made by our local Redding Video Productions.