Therapist with Exciting Breakthrough Treatments!

When I first met Lisa Jellison, I was not aware of the wonderful advanced Behavioral Treatment methods she uses in helping families cope with difficult situations. As we were putting together her website, we learned about some of these exciting treatment approaches Lisa has been trained in. Children with behavior problems can be helped tremendously, parents and children can learn to have positive interactions and a harmonious family environment. Families can learn to get along! Stress can be dealt with!

One of the more advanced treatments Lisa uses is research based EMDR. She can help those with PSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) and others who struggle with eating disorders, grief, anxiety or a host of other challenges. Going to a Marriage and Family Therapist can be one of the best decisions a person will ever make. Lisa Jellison has successfully treated children, teens and adults through life changes, adjustments, anger management, depression and many other needs they have had.

Lisa Jellison had taken some beautiful pictures of the ocean which we incorporated into her website. Her training and treatment approaches were important pages for her site as well as having an area for the PDF’s for her clients to download.