You’ll often hear from people who’ve lived in Redding for a while, that ‘it’s the perfect place to live!’  Redding, CA has so many wonderful attributes that you just can’t find anywhere else!  Look at it this way… you’re situated at the top of a valley where you can see gorgeous views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen, and they are within driving distance. Should you want to go to Oregon, to the ocean, to Reno, Sacramento, or San Francisco, you’re only a few hours away from each.

Redding offers an abundance of activities that you can immerse yourself into.  Everything from hiking trails, water sports, art hops, plays, symphonies, shopping, colleges, and more!  It’s the best place to retire!

Los Robles Estates gives you the freedom of living in your own home, while being in an adult community. You only need to be older than 55 to take advantage of Los Robles Estates!  The manufactured homes at Los Robles are even of better quality than most ‘regular’ built homes!  Cousin Gary’s of Redding is a premier provider of these beautiful, model-like homes that you’d be proud to live in. At Los Robles Estates; you can have an affordable lifestyle with all the amenities of higher-priced, upscale housing, but costing substantially less!

If you’ve wanted to live in an area surrounded by lakes, mountains, rivers, and plenty of outdoor activities year round, take a closer look at Los Robles Estates!

In building the website for Los Robles Estates, we were so impressed with not just the high-quality of the homes, but the whole peaceful, scenic neighborhood, inside the city limits of Redding.  Their goal with the new website was to give the viewer a glimpse lifestyle offered at Los Robles Estates.  We used a Squarespace website to convey this and made it modern and eye-appealing.