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JAI Interior Design

JAI Interior Design has been doing business in Northern California for over 24 years! Jeanette A. Isitt has years of experience and an eye for creating a whole new look in your home! Her many happy clients attest to the value of a ‘home makeover’ by Jeanette! She can take an outdated room in your home and make it look like a showroom! Her specialties range from draperies and blinds to complete designer makeovers! She is often called on for staging homes that are on the market for sale. Jeanette can even remodel a motor home’s interior!

So often we see the cool looking homes on TV and we think to ourselves ‘Gee, I’d love to have my house look like that!’ Or perhaps we have some great decorating ideas but we don’t know how to tie it all in together. Whether you want to update your office, transform your living room or create a new shabby chic look, hiring an interior decorator is the way to go! Jeanette Isitt of JAI Interior Design will take your input and style ideas and create a whole new look just for you.

One of the important things that Jeanette wanted in her website was to continue with her ‘branding’ color scheme and design layout. We built her website around those colors and designs along with adding her business ‘jingle’ at the bottom of the home page. Jeanette’s work is so attractive and eye-catching that she needed several gallery pages to show the different styles of interior design that she has done. The Design Tips Blog page was added so she could keep her followers informed and also updated with any sales she might be having.