You’ve Got a Website, Now Get Found!

Having a website is pretty much vital for every business or service as most people are going directly on-line to find a business. The ones that have a good, eye-catching website are most likely to attract the viewer. However, many of you may already have a decent website, but it isn’t showing up on searches. Or perhaps your goal is to get new clients in, but you aren’t sure the best way to advertise.

Marketing your business can involve so many aspects, from website design, social media, advertising solutions, to YouTube, TV commercials, Radio spots, Flyers, Media campaigns and so on.  But you most definitely want to start with having a website!  Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on branding your business by not having your ads point to a website.  Sundial Design adds SEO to your website to help with the basics in being found on searches.

Search Engine Optimization

Keywords, Titles and Images

You may have heard the word SEO used frequently and may wonder what is it all about? Well SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This is all about making sure a website is as ‘optimized’ as possible to help it come up on search results, and to keep moving up the ladder.

At Sundial Design one of the first things we do is to make sure your website is optimized. We include things like key words, Meta descriptions and alt tags. Having your images optimized is very important also.  There are many strategies we incorporate including having unique and focused page titles, H1 fonts, descriptive content, etc. Your website is the best tool for attracting new customers or clients. But just as important, is having your website show up on searches.

Search Engine Marketing

Moving up on Search Results is Exciting!

After your website is up and running, you may really want to consider getting on a dedicated SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Plan.   Just having a website up and running doesn’t mean it’s going to be on the first page of Google searches.   Getting it to that point involves a great deal of expertise and care.   Fortunately, we have (through trial and error), came across a company that exceeds in all the aspects of SEM.   We’d be happy to sit down with you and go over the options for SEM campaigns, Google AdWords and blogging.

We’ve seen firsthand the kind of results most businesses want! From not being found on Google to coming up on the first page of a search, and for multiple key words!  Yes, it’s an investment; but think about just how much more business will your SEM investment could bring!

Many businesses who have a restricted advertising budget want to see what will work best for them and what options are available. We gladly work with all types of businesses to come up with a creative and exciting marketing plan.

Understand that having a website up is not a guarantee it will be on the first page of Google searches. A dedicated SEM campaign can get desired results!


We know each business has unique branding, marketing and website needs. Let’s schedule a time to go over your options!

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