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Website Support

We have enjoyed working with many clients who hired us, directly as a result of us answering our phone, or calling them back.  It amazed us that it was so simple!  One thing you’ll really like about working with us at Sundial Design, is that we understand you are trying to run a business, and sometimes you need immediate help, and can’t wait to ‘submit a ticket’ and hope someone calls you back.   Yes, we may be in the middle of a project, and need to wait a few hours or a day to get your problem addressed; but be assured of this, we value you as a client and want to make sure your problem gets fixed!

Sometimes the Hosting Server could be causing issues, or there’s a glitch in a plug-in, or something else.  We take our time to call and research and find a solution to the website issue that may be occurring. We don’t charge you for phone calls, in fact, we have rarely charged for any website support problem!

Website Changes

If you want small website wording changes, we usually don’t charge for those and make them within a day or so.  For larger, time consuming changes, we do charge by the hour.  Throughout the years, all our clients have enjoyed many free changes to their websites, which we’ve done as a professional courtesy.  They’ve no doubt noticed that many times we have not billed them for our services.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is needed for all WordPress websites.  Because of ongoing WordPress updates, 3rd party plug-in updates, WordPress theme updates, etc., all of this can wreak havoc on a website!  Sometimes, when WordPress gets updated, it can cause galleries to crash, content to get jumbled or many other problems.  By being on our Maintenance plan, we’ll go in and fix what happened and replace plug-ins, galleries, or other things as needed to get the site back to optimum functionality.


We know each business has unique branding, marketing and website needs. Let’s schedule a time to go over your options!

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