Customizing with WordPress

The WordPress software platform gives the developer an extensive amount of options for customizing your website. There are a myriad of layouts, design choices and the endless background and color schemes to work with. WordPress sites are usually built on ‘themes’ which are coded to run smoothly on the internet as long as they are kept up to date with the latest WordPress version that has been released. Because of this, and the continual updates of ‘plug-ins’, ‘widgets’ and the core WordPress software, we have a Maintenance Plan to take care of any worries or hacking vulnerabilities you might otherwise experience.

A WordPress website is a great choice for having good SEO results. One of the favored ‘plug-ins’ for SEO is called Yoast. It is ideal for putting in key words, titles, descriptions, Google snippets and much more.

Part of the selling point of having a newer WordPress or Squarespace website is the ‘Responsive’ aspect, where the site will automatically adjust to fit the screen size of all the iPhone’s, Androids, Tablets, and other mobile devices. Not all WordPress sites are Responsive, but we make sure that the sites we build are that way. Just about everyone has a ‘smart phone’ and uses it to look up a new business or service. Those whose websites aren’t loading up correctly risk having their website skipped over.

In addition, Google has been shown to give higher ranking advantages to websites that are Responsive. This is why it’s so important to make sure your website fits their criteria.

One of the reasons WordPress became so popular is because of having the Blog functionality right on the website, and the increasing ease of using the back-end dashboard for blogging and making changes.

When we first started Sundial Design, we had heard from so many people how frustrated they were to not be able to log into their own website to do minor wording changes, etc. and paying high hourly rates for every little change on their site. We decided to give all of our clients the back-end log-in and show them how they can make minor changes themselves in addition to teaching them to Blog if they so desired.

All of our clients are put on ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ which is a WordPress-dedicated Hosting solution at a very low and competitive price.


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