When we met Amber and talked with her about her massage and health coaching business, we could tell right away she was a living example of someone who practices health and balance in all areas of her life.  Her office was organized, attractive and very peaceful and inviting.  She has such a calm demeanor and it’s clear that she takes a genuine interest in every one of her clients health needs.

Health N Balance is what Amber is promoting for all areas of your life and health. She is a Massage Therapist, with a focus on Orthopedic or Medical Massage.  Using deep tissue, systematic stretching and other manual massage techniques, she is able to help those who have chronic pain, arthritis, sciatica, SI joint pain, whiplash, shoulder injuries and other muscular problems.

Amber’s other area of expertise is in Health Coaching.  This type of service is not just for those trying to lose weight or control cravings.  It is also to help people get on top of personal health issues, insecurities, negative self-image problems and other frustrating blockages in their lives.

Think of it this way, health coaches are like personal trainers, wellness bent to motivate, inspire and provide the accountability for enormous benefits and life style changes that last far beyond your sessions.

If you’ve been putting yourself and your needs off, year after year, it’s time to make a change.  Health Coaching may be just the answer you’ve been looking for!

Amber’s goal for her website was to give the viewer a simple overview of all the positive things they could change, overcome, and become!  We used her logo colors throughout her website, giving it a trendy style, and incorporated lighthearted, gentle, loving, and inspiring pictures that she chose.