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We started Sundial Design with the idea that people want to work with a website company that is easy to get hold of, easy to work with, and doesn’t charge them every time they answer the phone. (And seeings how Michael just happened to be a fantastic website designer, why not provide a solution for that very need)!

We also liked the concept that each person should actually own their website (not have us own it!) and be able to have log in capabilities to their own website. Then, they would have the option of making some of the changes if they wanted to.  Sounds like a unique model, right?

With years of building websites in his repertoire, and the 2008 ‘crash’ of the economy, in 2010 we took a leap of faith and launched Sundial Design. The domain name just happened to be available, which was all we needed to take the plunge.

As a website designer, we’ve been building websites for attorneys and restaurants, to contractors and government agencies, and all while managing to keep our website costs low and quality high. Part of being a small business is we have the advantage of working closely with each business owner to create the perfect website for them. We’ve found that treating each client with professional care is the best way to establish and maintain a great working relationship. Sundial Design is different than some other website companies; we believe your website belongs to you!


We know each business has unique branding, marketing and website needs. Let’s schedule a time to go over your options!

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