Promoting Your Business Online

As you may have found out, there are a lot of choices to pick from as to who could build your website.  But the question is, who should?

Your website reflects your business; and how you want to portray yourself and your business to the on-line audience.  It’s imperative that you have a professional website, one that is interesting, appealing, modern, and mobile-friendly.

Your criteria may be just to find the least expensive developer.  That could work, but it’s a risk you’ll be taking.  In the long run, choosing the right person to build your website is worth a little bit of due diligence.  Check out their portfolio, talk to some of their clients and connect with the website designer to get your questions answered.

We like to meet with each person to go over what they’re looking for in a new website; their goals and ideas.  Once they make the decision to ‘go for it!’, we gather all the needed material. Then we take all the puzzle pieces so to speak and create a masterpiece for them.

Expert Care

Since we first launched our website business, we’ve been able to add important services to help bring your business to the forefront. In addition to those posted below, we’ve been providing our clients with photography and video services, search engine marketing (SEM) services, blogging and copy writing services. Contact us for more details!

From sitting down with you & going over what you are looking for in a website, to the finished product, we incorporate what will make your business stand out from the rest!

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s falling down in search results! Call us at Sundial Design and we’ll check your website out to see if it’s responsive.

As part of our standard WordPress website design builds, we also include optimizing the website, the images, and including the initial SEO for the site.

Many people want to be able to make changes once their site is built. With Squarespace, they’re happy to see how easy it is to add Blogs, change the wording, and other minor changes.

Marketing your business can involve website design, social media, advertising, TV, radio, flyers, and so on. But you most definitely want to start with having a website!

We build shopping cart websites using Squarespace, WordPress or Shopify. All have their pros & cons which we’d go over with you to see which fits your needs of best.

At Sundial Design, we understand you are trying to run a business, and sometimes you need immediate help, and can’t wait to ‘submit a ticket’ and hope someone calls you back.


We know each business has unique branding, marketing and website needs. Let’s schedule a time to go over your options!

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