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Crystal Amen Photography

Crystal Amen Photography is one of the most sought-after photographers, particularly in the rodeo community. But her talents extend far beyond rodeo photography, as she captures unique perspectives during weddings, engagements, maternity shoots, family sessions, and portraits.

Rodeo Photography
Crystal Amen has been photographing rodeos for years, and her work speaks for itself. She has won numerous awards and has been featured in Pro Rodeo Sports News Magazine. Her rodeo collages are a fan favorite and are a great way to commemorate those unforgettable rodeo moments. Crystal doesn’t just take pictures; she tells a story with every photograph she takes. The intensity of the horse and rider are in the middle of the rodeo, or the seconds’ right when the horse leaps up in the air… she is able to capture so effortlessly. Her passion for the rodeo shines through every image.

Wedding Photography
Weddings are a day to celebrate love and commitment, and Crystal Amen Photography knows just how to capture that. Her unique perspective on photographing the bride and groom’s special day is unparalleled.  She has the vision to make every moment picture-perfect and her attention to detail is appreciated by every person who contracts for her photo shoot services.

Portrait Photography
Crystal doesn’t just limit herself to rodeo and wedding photography. Her talents extend to capturing life’s most precious moments. From engagement shoots to maternity sessions, newborn shoots to family portraits, she has a keen eye for what the focus should be on each of her subjects.  As a mother of three girls, she knows how to put children at ease and capture the perfect shots, even with the most difficult of subjects.

In a world where anyone can be a photographer with just a cell phone in hand, there is nothing quite like having a professional behind the lens. Crystal Amen Photography brings more than just her talent; she brings passion and a unique perspective to every photograph she captures.

If you are looking to have your very own photoshoot, book Crystal Amen Photography before her calendar fills up! You won’t be disappointed.