Chipseal is being used across the country by people needing to resurface their driveways, seal small surface cracks and imperfections, and put in a nice road to their property.

If you are tired of having pot holes on your road or a dusty driveway, think about getting your road or driveway chipsealed!  Chipseal is the alternative to asphalt, with some big benefits!  It will cost you quite a bit less money, and you’ll have a clean finish without the bright black driveway.  Chipseal will also improve the curb appeal of your home which in turn can increase your property value.   In addition, getting your driveway or road chipsealed will provide an anti-glare surface during the rainy season and give your road better surface texture which helps give better traction in the winter.  Chipseal is the way to go!

Loucks Grading and Water Truck is a long-time Redding business, and they’ve developed quite a following with their years of experience and professionalism.  Stacy Loucks, the owner of Loucks Grading and Water Truck, has been doing years of grading work, dump truck work, drainage work, water truck work, culverts, road and driveway repair, chip seal work and much more!

Because everyone around Redding had heard of Loucks Grading and Water Truck, but weren’t familiar with the Loucks Chipseal part of their services, it was important for them to have an internet presence to get the word out.  Stacy needed a simple website, with just the facts and basic information about chipseal and how to contact him.  We built his site to be very clean and simple, using some of the great pictures he provided.  In just a short time Loucks Chipseal was coming up on searches and moving closer to the first page!