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Spectrum O&P

Spectrum O and P is one of the leading providers of orthotics and prosthetics in Northern California and Southern Oregon. They have 10 office locations throughout those areas which give their clients ease of accessing their services. Spectrum Orthotics and Prosthetics is proud of its service to people with physical obstacles in their lives, helping to restore mobility, function, and a sense of well-being to patients of all ages.

When you watch the many testimonial videos from any Spectrum Office, you’ll notice how every patient is genuinely happy to have Spectrum help them ‘get back on their feet’. Spectrum’s practitioners are totally focused on the patient’s challenges and providing them with the best personalized care in every way possible.

Those who’ve lost a limb, been through surgery or have had breast cancer with a mastectomy, can find compassion and help at Spectrum O and P. They take special care in meeting all of their patients’ needs at every level of recovery, whether physical or emotional.

When we first talked to Jeff Zeller (our local Spectrum O and P professional) about a website, we were impressed with the genuine care for amputees and others who have gone through some debilitating injury or disease. Jeff was interested in getting a website built that incorporated all the other Spectrum O and P offices. The main website page needed to allow the viewer to choose which Spectrum location they were interested in, so we went with large local pictures to link to their individual sites. Each website includes videos, pictures, PDF’s and Google maps.