You’ll often see Joyful Living Magazine at various businesses around Redding, but sometimes there aren’t any left! Joyful Living Magazine is dedicated to putting out positive articles for both the Christian and non-Christian population. Preferred subjects include personal growth, encouragement and hope along with insight into healthy families, marriages and finances. Each issue has new and interesting reading material that deal with day to day issues people can relate to.

There are ‘Writers Guidelines’ on the website and information on ad layout and pricing for those who wish to advertise. Redding and the surrounding area is home to Bethel Church Ministries which most advertisers want to reach out to. Joyful Living Magazine prints between 14,000 and 16,000 magazines quarterly and delivers them to over 400 businesses from Red Bluff to Oregon. Included in that, over 100 churches receive the free magazine.

Joyful Living Magazine’s website needed to be clean, simple and user-friendly. They wanted the reader to be able to download previous copies of the magazine and be able to see the different layouts and pricing available for advertisers. For those wishing to donate to Joyful Living Magazine, we put their PayPal button on the Home Page. We chose warm inviting colors to enhance the site and compliment their logo.