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Hiring a good Interior Designer is a common practice for those who want their home to look modern, inviting, and even homey. Their expertise in choosing fabrics, wall colors and furniture is well worth the expense. If you are purchasing a new home, you might as well get the inside looking as good as the outside! People hire landscapers to give their homes eye appeal and then skip on the more important part – the inside! Tina, the owner of Interior Design Resources, is a well-known local designer who works side by side with local contractors in coming up with the best solution for your home or office.

In building Tina’s website, we wanted to convey her timeless color scheme and the many areas of her expertise. We used a WordPress platform to be able to customize the site and added various plug-ins that were needed. The addition of several small galleries helped to showcase her work.

Tina's Interior Design Resources - Sundial Design
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