Project Description

Spectrum O & P has 10 business locations throughout Northern California and Oregon. Each of their offices are run by dedicated professionals who specialize in Orthotics and Prosthetics. They wanted a large website that would encompass all of the offices under one Domain Name and yet give each of them their own individualized mini-website. They also wanted the viewer to have immediate access to the location of their choice. The menu bar has locations listed in Oregon and California and on the Home Page there are pictures with links to all 10 cities where Spectrum is located.

The WordPress platform was the best choice for us to be able to build a multi-site and gave us the ability to customize it. Each office had their own unique videos and patient testimony videos to incorporate on to their website. We uploaded their videos from their Spectrum OandP YouTube account, added Social Media links and put a Blog page on the main site. When Spectrum O and P has special events, we temporarily add a flyer to the Home Page slider and they also post it on their Blog page.

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