Project Description

We had talked with Kathy at the Tehama County Sheriff’s office in Red Bluff, about the need for a new website. Their older site wasn’t mobile friendly and hadn’t been updated in quite a while. When meeting with Kathy and Sheriff Dave Hencratt, they had some ideas for the new website and it had to be more modern and user-friendly. We worked with Kathy to come up with a better menu bar layout, combine information, change page titles, etc. so it would flow better and give the user a better experience in navigating the site.

The new Tehama County Sheriff’s site was built on WordPress which allowed for greater customization and would work well considering the larger number of pages needed. We liked the logo colors of green and gold and built the site around those colors. The left side menu bar was picked because of the larger menu, the size of the logo, and it worked well with so many main page headings. We trained Kathy on how to make wording changes, add PDF’s, pictures and make other changes on the website.

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