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Texas Prosthetic Systems

For those living in Southlake, Texas who have a need for exceptional Orthotic and Prosthetic services, they are in luck! Texas Prosthetic Systems is more than your average orthotics and prosthetics company. They have a unique patient-focused approach which provides 24/7 care for their patients. One of the unique things that makes them stand out, is they offer mobile care, straight to their patient’s homes for those who lack mobility and access to transportation.

They specializes in custom made (in-house) upper and lower extremity prosthetics and on demand care from their specialist staff. They also have custom made orthotics and footwear options, including custom-molded orthopedic shoes, custom fitted orthopedic shoes and Comfort Shoes.

If you live near Southlake Texas and are in the market for a modern, high-technology O & P company, be sure to connect with them! They treat every patient with professionalism and care.