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Redding Video Productions

If you’ve lived in Redding very long, you certainly have heard of Redding Video Productions. They are the ones to call if you have any video needs. If your son or daughter are on a sports team and you want to keep a recording as a future gift, or prized possession, Redding Video will be there to make it happen. Need to record a Deposition? Local attorneys are familiar with the excellent work and affordability of using Redding Video’s services.

When you attend a seminar, or a training event, having a video recording of it to go over later is a valuable tool. Many people have older recordings on 8 track, VHS or even the old tape style and they’d like to convert it to DVD but don’t think it can be done. Good news! Redding Video Productions also does what’s called ‘Movie Transfer’ so you’ll be able to have that recording available to watch.

One of the most important gifts a new bride could ask for is her wedding to be recorded on a DVD. Redding Video knows exactly what’s needed to make that happen and love being part of such a memorable occasion.

Businesses are now realizing the value of short commercials and/or video testimonies on their websites. Having a professionally made video gives so much credibility to your business when added to your website. People will more readily watch a 2 minute video than read a page of text. Although content is certainly important for coming up on Google Searches, a video about you, your business, or the advantages of your services can increase your customer base tremendously. Several of our clients have seen firsthand the advantages of videos their websites.

We enjoyed working with Terry, Joanne and Shanna to build them a modern, eye-catching SquareSpace website. They will be able to easily upload new videos on their Blog page and change out existing ones on their site. Having a Responsive website that adjusts correctly to iPhones and other mobile devices was also an important feature.