Sundial Design | Spectrum O&P

Spectrum O&P

Spectrum O and P is one of the leading providers of orthotics and prosthetics in Northern California and Southern Oregon. They have 10 office locations throughout those areas which give their clients ease of accessing their services. Spectrum Orthotics and Prosthetics is proud of its service to people with physical obstacles in their lives, helping to restore mobility, function, and a sense of well-being to patients of all ages.

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Sundial Design | Lassen Retriever Club

Lassen Retriever Club

Lassen Retriever Club is fueled by club member’s love of their dogs and the desire to see them become well-trained in obedience and hunting skills. The Retriever breeds and Standard Poodle are well-known for their superior abilities as ‘Gun Dogs’ and are a natural at tracking and retrieving a downed bird. Their soft mouth prevents the bird from getting damaged as they retrieve it for their master.

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Sundial Design | Lilys Restaurant

Lilys Restaurant

Now that Ron & Arlene are back running Lilys Restaurant (you’ve heard right, it’s NOT closed…), they are excited to introduce a brand new menu with Pacific Northwest flair! Where else could you possibly find Bourban-glazed French Toast, Roasted Beet Salad, or Himalayan Salt Block seared Fresh Mahi?? (Just to name a few of their intensely enticing menu options!). Who cares if it’s a 45 min. drive from Redding? Get out of the heat, and head up the hill. It’s worth the drive!

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Sundial Design | Kids & Me Preschool

Kids & Me Preschool

Kids & Me, a local Redding Preschool and Daycare, prides themselves as having the happiest kids in Redding enrolled in their Preschool. The children love the large colorful playground, comforting & safe environment, with loving and caring teachers. Parents are thrilled that the newly remodeled Kids & Me Preschool and Daycare is clean, safe, organized and kid-friendly. They are also impressed with how much their children are learning while attending Kids & Me.

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Sundial Design | One Way Construction

One Way Construction

So you’ve bought a franchise and want to get your restaurant up and running, or you’d like to build a strip mall or fast food restaurant and you know there are ALL KINDS of codes that need to be followed to a T! Who do you call to get the job started? What construction company is familiar with ADA regulations and how to build a top-notch restaurant?

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Sundial Design | Ackerman Construction

Ackerman Construction

Many people love the home they are already living in, the location, the yard, the school district. But they just wish their home wasn’t so outdated, or that it had more room. Many people want a larger kitchen or bathroom or a nice big porch. Other’s want a new bedroom added on. Remodeling your home can be as exciting as moving into a new house!

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Sundial Design | Palo Cedro Pool & Spa

Palo Cedro Pool & Spa

Even though Redding summers are not as hot as they used to be (you know, 119 – 125 degrees..!!), they still can be miserable. Every year there are those who think, ‘I sure wish I had a swimming pool…’ but then they put it off for another year. But why wait any longer? It’s so easy to make the decision when you are considering a fiberglass pool from Palo Cedro Pool & Spa! All that is involved are 5 easy steps!

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Sundial Design | Focused Flair

Focused Flair

Just the sound of that makes you smile! Focused Flair! Who even uses the word ‘Flair’ anymore! Here is a guy who not only does great photography, but he has flair – a natural talent, or ability – instinctive discernment and perceptiveness in his photography work. That’s the kind of photographer I want to hire! Someone who is keen, intuitive and is a ‘natural’ at taking pictures! When we first saw Clint’s work, we were in awe.

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Sundial Design | Dr. Mercill

Dr. Mercill

You don’t have to drive to Redding to find a good dentist with Dr. Mercill right there in Anderson! Anderson Family Dentistry, located on Childress Road, goes the extra mile to make their patients feel comfortable. They use advanced dental treatments to give you the smile you’ve always wanted! If you’ve wanted whiter teeth, or you need cavities filled, new dentures or veneers, or any other dental treatment, you’ll be happy with the work of Dr. Danene Mercill.

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Sundial Design | IOU Optics

IOU Optics

Many clients need custom made optical products which are regularly made by Industrial Optics. Their manufacturing team has had many years of experience in optical fabrication for both commercial and laser applications and optical prototypes.

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